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GesLearn-Docis Home Page: Thank you for your Interest.
GesLearn-Docis (Document Index and Search System) originated when someone who failed to find a similar product ended
up developing one. For the time being, it is a Window-based 32 bit system for Windows XP SP2, Vista and Win. 7, 8 & 10.
It has two subsystems: 'MyComputer Search' and 'DOCIS Search'.

MyComputer Search enables search for files on your computer in ways similar to
those provided by Windows. In addition, it enables you to define and save your
search scope, quickly view your files and save your selections of files.

DOCIS Search enables you to select and save the directories containing your data files,
define the Keywords for indexing, classify your files, write your abstracts and
save your selections of files.

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